Navigating Independence

Housing Solutions

Smart Technology

“As we emerge out of this trying time, our amazing team has jumped right in where we left off and began reconnecting and supporting people throughout our services and within their communities.”

Navigating Independence  

Fuller, more independent lives for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities have become a reality. New technologies, policies and funding options are accelerating the transition to these new realities.

The changing landscape can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The team of professionals at MidState Arc work  to support the life-long journey to independence at home and integration in the community.

Housing Solutions

What’s the right housing solution for persons living with intellectual or developmental disabilities?
Answering this question starts with understanding the desires and goals of each person living with IDD. Building on this understanding, the MidState team works with the individual, their families and the Department of Developmental Services to make these desires and goals a reality.

Today, we support clients along a continuum of options — from living in their own apartments to group homes to living with family. In each setting, we combine daily-living support, community integration and vocational service, behavioral supports, and smart technology.

Evolving Services

MidState Arc brings a full range of service to people living with IDD. Our traditional services include group homes, community connection programs,  employment supports, and transportation.

Today, MidState Arc is pushing forward innovative services that support independent living. These include remote monitoring for safety and security, communication technologies for connectedness, and an innovative collaborative process. We also provide the emotional support and behavioral supports needed along the journey to independent living and community integration.

Smart Technology for People Living with Disabilities

To promote autonomy and independence with safety, security and privacy, we use smart, assistive technology. We offer assessments, training, transition support, and monitoring. These technologies are embeded throughout the full spectrum of the supports we offer.

Advocates for Change

MidState began as a community of parents coming together to advocate on behalf of children with IDD. Advocacy remains at the core of everything we do at MidState Arc. In the community, we come together to move forward the rights and opportunities of people living with disabilities.

As an organization, we are advocates for each individual and their families to secure the resources and services needed. And with increasing determination, we are empowering the individual with IDD to express their own views and become their own advocates for the lives they choose to live.