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Many people with IDD need a supportive environment in which to live and we
have a widely varied residential options. We provide clarity for people looking for the right solution for themselves or their loved ones. 

Here in the place where you live

MidState Arc currently provides supports in many homes with community style living. Some people choose to live with a group of peers while other choose to live on their own. All of these different types of living situations are centrally located in active Connecticut neighborhoods, with nearby shopping and restaurants. The people supported by the Arc are just another part of the neighborhood.

Group living with individual focus

Group living meets the choice and need of some of the people. All homes supported by the Arc are staffed with compassionate and competent staff. Of course we offer nursing, behavioral services, dietary counseling, and will connect people to physical, occupational, and speech therapy if needed. We encourage the people receiving residential support to create the home environment they desire.

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A day in the life varies not just from home to home, but for different people in the same home, depending on interest in ability. Just like in any family home, mornings are fun and hectic as we eat breakfast and get ready for the many different directions the day takes us all — be it work, volunteering, or group activities.

A place of one’s
own choosing

Our goal is provide the appropriate amount of support for each person so as to encourage independence. Increasingly, our agency is helping people live in their own apartments, using technology to provide support and monitoring. This allows people to have supports as needed and enjoy alone time as well as activities of their choosing. For more details on our Assistive Technology Center of CT.