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Our goal at MidState Arc is to support people with IDD in their pursuit of independent, meaningful lives. Many people want to work, but have never before had the support to make it happen. MidState Arc runs one of the most successful employment placement agencies for people with IDD in the state.

The Schedule

We work with people closely to understand their dreams and career goals, and then we provide the support they need to make it happen. Our network of employers includes small businesses and major corporations such as Amazon, all who understand the challenges and many benefits of hiring people with disabilities. 

The people supported in our employment department know that we’ll help with reliable transportation to work – whether they want to get on one of our shuttles or learn to use public transportation. Once they are there, we support both them and the employer to ensure that everyone is happy and productive. Our staff accompanies people to work as needed and using technology, checks in with them, and provides reminders or information on the fly.

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We Work in the Background

When the people we place encounter difficulties at work (as we all do!), we’re there to offer counseling. And we’re constantly working with employers to identify roles for people with IDD so that everyone has the opportunity to enrich their lives and gain greater independence through employment.