How Our Services Are Evolving

MidState Arc brings a full range of services to people living with IDD. Throughout all of our services, we provide each individual with the emotional and behavioral support they need throughout their journey. We are actively pushing forward the use of innovative services through a collaborative process that supports greater independence and community integration. 

“The people at midstate are amazing and helped me and my loved one reach new levels of independence!.”

In-Home Supports for Living Independently

We provide in-home supports to people living in their own homes. MidState Arc works with each individual and their support team to identify the community they want to live in. Then, we provide the necessary staffing and services to make sure this life choice is successful for them.

Additionally, we provide direct support hours and coordination services to help them build connections and access resources in their community. Our intention is to encourage each individual living with IDD to be as independent as possible without doing things for them.

To determine how much and what type of support an individual needs, we conduct a series of assessments, including, though not limited to, an Independent Living Assessment and an Assistive Technology Assessment. In some cases, additional assessments may be required, such as a transportation assessment, a behavioral or clinical assessment, and a medical assessment by a healthcare coordinator.

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Remote Monitoring

Web-based remote monitoring is an assistive technology solution designed to support adults with IDD who live independently, either completely on their own or close to other people with IDD in a clustered apartment. It provides each individual with real-time interactive in-home support services that pave the way to greater independence.

These solutions can include electronic sensors, speakers, microphones, smoke detectors, temperature detectors, personal emergency response systems, and much more. The devices link each individual’s home to remote caregivers who provide them with remote supported-living services.

We use remote monitoring and other assistive technology solutions to address safety concerns, while improving each individual’s quality of life and helping them become happier as they continue along their unique journey to maintaining or gaining independence.

Employment Services

Many people living with IDD want to work, but have never had the necessary support to do so. To address this, MidState Arc runs one of the most successful employment placement agencies for people with IDD in the state.

From community-based employment to owning their own business, we ensure each person gets matched with the right employment situation. To do this, we work closely with them to explore their dreams and career goals. Then, we identify what they need to make it happen and provide the support.

If an individual is interested in working somewhere rather than starting their own business, we reach out to our employer network. This includes both small businesses and corporations like Amazon that understand the challenges and benefits of hiring people living with IDD. 

We Provide the Necessary Support
We help each individual with reliable transportation to work–whether they want to get on one of our shuttles or learn to use public transportation. Once they are there, employment support staff help both them and the employer to ensure that everyone is happy and productive.

Our staff can also accompany people to work, conduct periodic check ins, and provide reminders as needed to support each individual gains greater independence through employment.

We Work in the Background
When the people we place encounter difficulties at work (as we all do), we’re there to offer counseling, too. We actively collaborate with employers to identify the best roles for people with IDD. Through this process, everyone involved has the opportunity to enrich their lives.

Community Engagement Opportunities for People with IDD

We support each individual in connecting and integrating into their community. To do this, we let them lead the way by asking them how they want to engage by:

  • Volunteering
  • Participating in recreational activities
  • Attending college or other education classes

We provide as much support as needed to help each individual participate in the activities that interest them throughout the day.

Many of the people we work with love to volunteer. When an individual has an interest in this, we don’t tell them where they can volunteer, we ask them where they want to volunteer. Then, we support them in making it happen.

Individuals have volunteered at an ever-growing list of local organizations and businesses, including the Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, Webster’s Manor in Wallingford, and many more! If someone wants to volunteer somewhere that doesn’t have a volunteer program yet, we facilitate that process.

Each individual who participates in our volunteer program has fun while making a difference. Through this experience, we support people with IDD in becoming well-rounded citizens.

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