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Many people with IDD live with their families. Our various day programs help families balance their lives and provide a range of activities for family members with IDD.

We have four day programs. We have programs for older adults, younger adults, and people with more serious behavioral or medical challenges. We provide limited transportation and are exploring increased use of public transportation.

Here in the place where you live…

MidState Arc currently provides supports in many locations throughout central CT. With a variety of volunteer opportunities that align with the interest of the people we support are designed to maximize their engagement in their communities. MidState works to ensure the people supported by the Arc are just another part of the neighborhood.

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What would you like to do today?

As we convert segregated programs to integrated volunteer centers the people we support are becoming enthusiastic volunteers in the community. If you were to ask one of the more people enjoying this program what they do each day, their answer would be simple: “Help out in the community!” These people volunteer at a constantly growing list of local organizations and businesses, from the Humane Society to Meals on Wheels.

Other programs have a fitness and wellness focus including trips to the gym, while others are about learning to connect to the community and people managing their own lives and choices.