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Housing Solutions

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“The people at midstate are amazing and helped me and my loved one reach new levels of independence!.”

Housing Solutions

What’s the right living solution for a person living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)? Answering this question starts with understanding the desires of each person and their unique strengths. The MidState team works with the individual, their families, and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to make these goals a reality.

We offer support to our clients along a continuum of options—from living in their own apartments to Supportive  Housing, transitional housing, and group homes. We also offer supports for those living in the family home.

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Maggie’s Story

Maggie is in her 30s and has both intellectual disabilities and behavioral challenges. She previously lived in a group home with 24-hour 1–on-1 staff care, where she had a limited ability to express her feelings. Frequently, Maggie behaved in ways that made it evident that she, like most of us, simply did not want to live with a group of people not of her choosing.

Today, Maggie lives in her own apartment. After starting out with 24-hour onsite care, she now receives only 50 hours of supportive services per week. Remote monitoring provides her caregivers with the information they need to ensure Maggie’s safety and security 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Now, she gets to sleep in when she wants to.

This did not happen overnight. It took Maggie about 12 months to learn how to be more independent and to unlearn dependence. She has not experienced any behavioral challenges since moving into her own apartment. Maggie is very happy in her new living situation, as she continues on her journey to an increasingly independent lifestyle.

Our Housing Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to independence, and the assistive, smart technologies we use help each person live increasingly independent lives both at home and in the community. The MidState team empowers people with IDD by integrating customized assistive technologies.

Living in Their Own Space

Many people living with IDD want to transition to living in their own space, whether in a house or an apartment unit. Ultimately, this independence leads them to feeling happier, more connected, and more active in their community.

MidState Arc staff conduct an Independent Living Assessment and an Assistive Technology Assessment to determine what types of supports each individual needs. We also provide in-home supports, direct support hours, and coordination services to help people living in their own space build connections and access resources in their community.

Supportive Housing

Our Supportive Housing solutions more commonly referred to as clustered apartment living solutions consist of multiple people with IDD living in close proximity to one another, but each in their own space. All of our Supportive Housing apartment living options have a staff member readily available if anyone needs assistance.

This enables each individual to gain greater autonomy and independence, while still having access to intermittent support. MidState staff build trusting relationships to help each individual learn to connect with their community, manage their own lives, and make their own decisions.

Architectual drawing of new construction of our transitional housing. 

Transitional Group Housing

Our transitional group housing options help individuals living with IDD move towards greater independence. MidState staff support each individual, so they feel, safe, supported, and encouraged as they explore their options.

We tailor our services to meet the needs and desires of each individual, helping them connect with their community and discover their strengths along the way.

Group Living with an Individual Focus

No matter what, our staff members are there to ensure each person remains safe while engaging in the activities that match their wants, needs, and personal goals.

Group living aligns with the choice and needs of some people. All homes supported by MidState Arc have compassionate, competent staff who encourage each individual to create the home environment they desire. We also provide nursing, behavioral supports, and dietary counseling, and can connect people with physical, occupational, and speech therapy as needed.

MidState staff provide flexible services tailored to the unique needs, goals, and dreams of each individual. We provide as much support as needed to help them participate in activities throughout the day–which looks different for every person. Some people want to:

  • Have fun while shopping, hiking, fishing, or spending time in a new place;
  • Attend MidState Arc activities like dances and group volunteer days;
  • Volunteer in their community, go to work, or start a business;
  • Attend adult education classes to achieve their learning goals, and more

Living With Family

The MidState team provides in-home supports to people living in their family home. We help each individual unlearn dependence and help their family learn how to support them on the path towards greater independence.

When working with people who have more serious behavioral challenges, we help them identify the behaviors that interfere with their development. Through this process, we help them to discover their strengths and show their families how capable they really are.