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We begin by learning about the aspirations and hopes of the people we serve. Then, we identify the assistive technologies that overcome challenges to their independence.

Training & Transition

Training and ongoing support enable each person to best use their assistive technology solution at home, in school, at work, and in the community.d

Community Integration

With privacy respected and honored, we offer twenty-four hour per day monitoring services for safety and security.

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To promote autonomy and independence with safety, security and privacy, we use smart, assistive technology. We offer assessments, training, transition support, and monitoring. These technologies are embedded throughout the full spectrum of the support we offer.

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independence Your way

Our assistive technology solutions help to address multiple dimensions of independence for people living on their own, in a clustered apartment setting, or in their family home. 

Daily Living

Supports, such as memory prompt apps, visual schedules, and auditory reminders for self-feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing, medication compliance, and other activities of daily living


A wide range of electronic devices and online applications that make access to community events and other activities a reality


Assistive technology like ramps, motorized mobility, food delivery and ride apps, and more enable greater accessibility for people with IDD to navigate their home, work, school, and/or community

Safety & Security

Smart home monitoring solutions that provide safety and security for people living with IDD, while giving caregivers respite and peace of mind

Hearing, Speech, & Vision

An evolving collection of technologies that are enhancing the ability of people with disabilities to connect and stay connected with others

Steps to success

During an initial assessment, the MidState team takes the time to learn about the aspirations, hopes, and dreams of each individual living with IDD who we serve. The goal of the assessment is to determine the right assistive technology products, devices, and apps for them.

The MidState team also conducts an assessment of each individual’s living environment to further determine the necessary assistive technologies to ensure their safety and independence. Upon completing the assessment, the MidState team provides assistive technology training and ongoing transition support to enable each person to use their assistive technology solutions, so they can maintain or gain greater independence.

Through real-time interactive in-home support services, assistive technology can lead the way towards less reliance on in-home caregivers, as well as improved quality of life and enhanced safety for each individual.

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Leading the Way Through the Assistive Technology Training Center (ATECH)

ATECH is a statewide program designed in collaboration with Connecticut’s leading disability agencies. Its purpose is to train individuals, families, staff, and agencies to use and apply assistive technology to reduce barriers and increase the independence of each client. These innovative technological tools reduce reliance on costly human support and state funding.

Smart Tech Lending Library

We understand that technology is expensive and that finding the perfect solution for an individual’s needs can be a journey. Through MidState’s Lending Library, people can evaluate a piece of technology and try it before purchasing it.

For more information about the library: please contact Amy Rubin Mindell at