Community Advocates for Change

“The people at midstate are amazing and helped me and my loved one reach new levels of independence!.”

MidState Arc began as a community of parents coming together to advocate on behalf of children with IDD. Today, advocacy remains at the core of everything we do. We continue to come together to advance the rights and opportunities of people living with IDD.

As an organization, we advocate for each individual and their family to secure the resources and services they need. With increasing determination, we’re empowering the individual with IDD to express their own views and become their own advocates for the lives they want to live.

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In the Community

We are creating IDD friendly communities where individuals feel supported and included, while enjoying a good quality of life. By partnering with local businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and other community organizations, we open the doors for each individual to engage in the ways they want to.

The MidState Arc team empowers each individual living with IDD to achieve their unique goals by forging connections through employment, volunteerism, participating in the community, and everything in between.

In Hartford

We bring a voice to people living with IDD and their families in Connecticut. This includes ensuring their experiences and opinions are heard and taken into account in the CT state legislature, the CT Governor’s Office, and various state agencies like the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Through our membership in statewide organization’s like The Arc of CT, CT Tech Act Project, and Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance, both individual and community voices are amplified even more. Members of the MidState Arc team also serve on various boards, work groups, and commissions that are pushing forward important changes in the system designed to serve people with disabilities along their journey to greater independence.

In Washington, D.C.

Working through the X and Y (check with Pam/Maritza)
MidState Arc has been supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1952. We’ve been influential in the national Arc movement, collaborating with other Arc chapters to innovate and shape how we support people with IDD.

Our staff members and individuals with IDD have testified at our nation’s Capital, and the Arc was invited into the House of Representatives in recognition of the great work they do for people with intellectual disabilities.