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Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Training Center

This is a statewide program designed in collaboration with Connecticut’s leading disability agencies for the purpose of training staff in the use and application of technology to reduce barriers and increase the independence of clients. Through the use of innovative technological tools, reliance on costly human support and state funding can be greatly reduced.


 “Am I Ready / Able To Live Independently"

Many people want to live in their own place. We give people the option to gain their independence with the use of customized Assistive Technology.

“Assessment Process for Independent Living"

We help the individuals we serve cross barriers every single day to live independently. The Assessment helps us identify each person’s skills and abilities, what they want to do and where they want to do it.

“What Technology Should I Use?"

Everyone’s needs are different and we created the Assistive Technology Center to help agencies, such as ours, or families use the Assistive Technology, find out what’s out there, what’s available. We even have a lending library so you can borrow and try it before you buy it.

“Transitioning to Independent Living"

We understand there’s a transitioning period to living independently. We mentor and train the individual on how to move through the system. Everyone learns at their own pace and we make sure that we’ve built a system for that person.

"A New Life"

The Assistive Technology offers peace of mind to the individual and their families to live independently in their communities. We’re helping individuals pursue their goals and dreams every day.