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Volunteer Services

Having fun while making a difference

Whether a person is part of our residential, individualized services, or day programs, we support them in volunteering in their community. We don't tell people where they can volunteer, we ask them where they want to volunteer, then we support them in making it happen. As a result, individual volunteer connections are always growing and changing. Some people donate their time to Meals on Wheels. Others help out at the Humane Society. Some do bread runs for Webster's Manor in Wallingford. Some people loved a local pet shop in Wallingford so much that we helped them organize a volunteer program there.


Whether together from group homes, with their day program friends, or even on their own, people supported by MidState Arc are out in the community making a difference and having fun. Our volunteer program helps people with IDD achieve personal autonomy and connects them with their communities. Our goal is create space for the people we support to become well-rounded citizens, and we see self-directed volunteerism as a big part of that picture.