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Behavioral Services


Playing to the strengths

Like the rest of MidState Arc, our behavioral services team are advocates for people. We know that every person with IDD has unique strengths that can let them shine: our job is to help identify and nurture these strengths. We call this our strength-based lens. We use it to help people and those around them see what they can offer the world. This strength-based lens also helps people identify and overcome behavior that might interfere with the development of their potential and goals.


Working with the whole person

Behavioral supports are woven throughout all other MidState Arc services. Our behavioral support staff is in contact with families and organizations where people volunteer or work, in order to get feedback and make firsthand observations. This allows us to see people in context, putting us into position to remove obstacles limiting their full development.

Our behavioral supports include coaching staff on how best to enable a particular person. It may involve helping families see just how capable their loved one really is. When needed, we offer individual therapy to help a person identify and cope with challenge behavior, freeing them to develop their strengths and achieve their goals.