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Our Story


MidState Arc's mission is to support and advocate for children and adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential and become accepted and respected members of their community and to advocate and support their families. Our vision has always been and continues to be: Value and Acceptance for All.


The journey to Independence

MidState Arc has been supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1952. We've been influential in the national Arc movement, collaborating with other Arc chapters to innovate and shape how we support people with IDD.

The early years

In 1952, a group of Connecticut parents founded an organization focused on supporting children with IDD. The small organization held parent support groups, advocated on behalf of children with IDD, and offered day care services. Early on, we joined the growing national Arc organization.

Our agency expanded rapidly over the next 10 years. By the mid 1960s, the nonprofit was running a school for children with IDD as well as adult programs. We were one of several Arc chapters to come together to develop an agency for adults with IDD who choose to work.


Modern era

In 2005, we moved into our current home on Research Parkway in Meriden. Since then, we've been rapidly growing and evolving. We've gone from 80 to over 200 employees, and now support hundreds of people with IDD.

We are currently undergoing our biggest change yet. Along with Arc organizations across the nation, we are shifting our focus from caretaking to supporting people with IDD. We are retooling all of our services to focus on supporting people with IDD in living more independent, connected and meaningful lives. We continue to collaborate with other organizations to develop new types of services, including a revolutionary residential program. People we support who formerly required 24/7, live-in support are now living on their own, in private apartments equipped with assisted technology.


2022 Our 70th Year Milestone

This upcoming year we are proud to announce we’ll be celebrating 70 years serving the community through love, care and technology that help people reach independence in their lives and the community.