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Arc Eatery

The Arc Eatery is a fully functioning cafe and catering service staffed by people in our programs who work under the supervision of a trained chef. The eatery is open to the public and we greatly appreciate your business!

People participate in all aspects of the eatery: preparing and serving food, taking orders, and cleaning up. The skills they learn enrich their lives and open opportunities for them. Several graduates of this program have gone on to employment at restaurants in the community.

Hours and menu

The Arc Eatery is located inside our main site at 200 Research Parkway in Meriden.

The eatery is open for breakfast and lunch from 7 am - 2 pm, M - F.

Basic skills that mean so much

For people in the Arc Eatery, there are three specific areas of concentration for training.

Customer Service

Greeting and order taking
Stocking supplies
General cleaning

Quality Food Products

Grill techniques
Specialty sandwich making/salads/soups
Operating a fryolator
Fruit and Vegetable Prep for Soups/Salads/Pies
Package Food for Daily Lunches – Puddings/Salads/Cookies
Food Service Delivery

Safe Food Handling

Food Protection - Storage
Proper Handwashing Techniques
Good Hygiene Practices
Cleanliness of Equipment/Utensils
Garbage/Rubbish Storage and Removal
General Cleaning

Contact us at:

Director: Regina Long
Manager: Maureen Patrie
Chef: Joseph Flaherty

P: 203-238-8386